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1. Q: How many staff in your company? How about the Project , Engineer, and mould maker?

     A: There are 200 staff in the company. including 5 projects, 12engineers, and 50 mould maker.
2. Q£ºHow many mould could you make every month?      
3. Q£ºHow about the largest mould you ever made? 
     A£º10 ton.
4. Q£ºHow about the tolerance?
     A£ºMould tolerance 0.02mm, Product tolerance 0.05mm.
5. Q£ºWhat is percentage of automotive moulds you made?

     A£ºAbout 40%.
6. Q£ºCan you make precision mould ?
     A£ºYes. We have raised a mobile phone department for precision mould.
7. Q£ºCan you make double-color injection mould?
8. Q£ºHave you ever made stack mould? What kind of materials you use?

     A£ºWe have good experience in stack mould of ABS+PC, PA+TPE, ABS+TPE etc.
9. Q£ºHow about the steel you usually use?

     A£ºWe only use raw materials with good quality.
            We use steel of P20, P20H, 718H, NAK80,1.2311,1.2378, 1.2344, 1.2767, H13,8407, 420SS,   S136, S-7.   They are all from famous suppliers, such as LKM, ASSAB, THYSSEN, etc.
10. Q£ºWhat is the standard of your hot-runner systeme£¿

       A£ºOur suppliers are all big company which have office worldwide, such as YUDO, DME, SYNVENTIVE£¬ CASCO£¬HUSKY,  INCOE, EWIKON, MOULD-MASTER , etc.
11. Q£ºWhat about the standard components you use?

       A£ºWe only use standard components from LKM,, HASCO, DME,etc.
12. Q£ºWhat do you need for quotation? And what about the format?

       A£ºwe need 2D product drawing and 3D files. Or specific sample with detailed explanation and mould specification. The format include dwg, igs, stp, prt, modem, etc.

13. Q£ºHow long do you need for quotation?

       A£ºExact quotation will be available within 2 working days once we get sufficient information from customer.
14. Q£ºWhat is your turnround time for injection mould building?

       A£ºUsually 4-6 weeks. It also depends on mould size and structure complexity.

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